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5 Reasons for Baby Swim Classes

Even if your baby is not walking yet, you might think it seems crazy to put them in the pool, but there are so many benefits to learning to swim. Water engages your baby’s body in a unique way, stimulating neurons as your baby slaps, kicks, and floats in the water. Griffith University in Australia conducted a four year study of more than 7,000 children, and the children who swan were more advanced in physical and mental development compared to children who did not swim. There are many baby swimming classes in Los Angeles, be sure to get your baby enrolled for the following reasons.

1. Cognitive 

 While swimming, you move your arms and legs at the same time. These cross patterned movements build neurons throughout the brain that will help advance the abilities to read, speak, and have special awareness later in the stages development.

 2. Reduce Risks

 According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, drowning is of of the leading causes of death among children and toddlers. Teaching your child to swim will reduce the risk of drowning. Swim lessons at an early age will help your child get used to the water, not be afraid, and teach them the necessary skills to stay afloat. Even if your child cannot fully swim yet, they will be more acquainted with the rules around water and to make sure an adult is there to assist them. 

 3. Build Confidence

 Most baby swim classes involve multiple children, allowing time for socialization and peer bonding. The instructor also facilitates songs, play time, and new situations that create an environment that helps children build self confidence. Teaching children to swim teaches them to control their bodies and strive for a goal, when reached will help build their confidence.  

 4. Builds Muscle

 It is imperative that babies have time to build muscle. Their young bodies need to learn to hold their heads up, move their arms and legs, and have the coordination to use their core to stabilize their bodies. Not only does swimming build muscle, but it is also good for cardiovascular health and will help develop your child’s brain, blood vessels, and lungs. 

 5. Sleep/Appetite

 Since your little one will be exerting so much physical strength in swim lessons, he or she will be extremely hungry and tired, both of which play an imperative role in development. Swimming takes a lot of energy, and the challenge of using their bodies in new and strenuous ways will improve their sleep patterns and increase their appetites. 

 From sleep schedules to building confidence, there are many benefits to enrolling your child in baby swimming classes in Los Angeles

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