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Most Popular Necklace Designs for All Age Group Women – Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Necklace is one of the most exquisite and elegant pieces of jewelry that every woman has in her jewelry collection. A necklace can make and break the entire look. Right from red carpet to street wear there are different kinds of necklaces to complement your style statement.

Needless to say, it is the eye grabbing and sensual part of an attire. The right kind of necklace can be mesmerizing and enhance the overall look. You need to pick a definite style of necklace according to the occasion, outfit and color of the dress. We give you a detailed overview of the type of necklace which you can consider before buying.

Types of necklace by length

Not many people know that necklace is very important and is a deciding factor when you buy it. If you understand the length, selection according to your outfit becomes a lot easier. Here are different types of necklaces:

Adjustable length necklaces or chains

These are made up of high quality and durable precious metals and is a staple among most celebs. You just cannot go wrong with this type of necklace. You can also find this type of necklace in sterling silver for daily usage.

You can team up this necklace with any outfit, from evening to office wear you can adjust the length and play around with the length. Since this is an all-time favorite among consumers, there are websites which allow “design necklace” options. You can select the chain design from the collection and also select a matching pendant, if you want.

Choker or collar necklace

This is not only an interesting neck piece, but also seductive, if worn in a proper way. Since its length is not more than 10 – 12 inches from the neck you can team up with t shirt of even an off-shoulder dress. It accentuates your neckline, collarbone and also gives an edge to your look. You can also find adjustable choker with chain fastenings.

You can also find choker necklace online and can customize it according to your wish. Most online retails allow online customization and hence you can select a heavy one with precious studded stones or even a sleek one. Also, there are two types of chokers. Either it can sit high on your neck or just below your collarbone.

Princess necklaces

This is one of the oldest and yet timeless designs of all the necklace designs. Princess necklace will always stand out as they have the perfect length along with style. A princess necklace is not more than 22 inches. The style is a traditional choker but aligned with precious stones and rich design. Nevertheless, this type of necklace is worn by brides on their wedding or celebs on red carpet. 


Style and fashion keep evolving and changing all the time, so does the necklaces along with it. It is advised that you must select a particular style of necklace as per the neckline of the dress.

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