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You’re Only Limited by Your Imagination

Bridesmaid’s dresses from years ago, with puffy sleeves and not at all flattering, were once the horror of many a young woman and were only worn under duress and once. Fortunately those days are gone and bridesmaid dresses have evolved into beautiful gowns. Today’s bridal party can choose from a wealth of colors and styles. What is especially great is the same basic color comes in a variety of styles, so your party can select the dress that’s most flattering to her shape and coloring. Various hues of the same color, in different styles, can liven up the bridal party while keeping a cohesive look. While blue, gray, coral, black, and pink are still among the most popular colors, lengths can vary from asymmetrical to floor length, to having a high slit or a full, flouncy skirt. Short jackets are available on some models, and necklines from totally covered to plunging are available. There is something for everyone these days. Picking your bridesmaids’ dress color is the first step.

What Comes Next?

Color is the most important item to consider, since you want an overall color scheme for the entire wedding, from the flowers to the table settings to the bridesmaids’ gowns. Work with a dress company who pride themselves on customer service while offering a wide selection of products and manufacturers. They should be able to offer expert advice and personalized customer service. Work with a private consultant who can help you find the right looks to complement your assorted bridesmaids. If the ladies don’t live locally, bring pictures of each to the bridal salon. A good salon will offer the service of shipping assorted dresses to each of your bridesmaids to try on in the comfort of their own homes. Your goal should be to create a cohesive look for the entire bridal party while offering each member the flexibility to select the neckline, shade, and style that’s most flattering to her. Make certain there is a wide range of styles and shades of your color choice available, but don’t let your party run away with your plans. The private consultant is key here, since he or she is a neutral party who can keep the look you’re going for while dealing with different needs and body types. If you keep your bridesmaids in mind when you begin your planning, you can satisfy nearly everyone with your bridesmaid dress color

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