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3 Ways to Buy Fashion on a Budget

You love fashion, but your budget doesn’t. Here are 3 ways you can save on the styles you crave.

Buy Pre-Owned

One way to save considerable coin when you want to purchase name brands is to shop pre-owned. Contrary to popular belief you can find designer labels at second-hand stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. Everyone gets tired of clothes at some point, or receives clothing as a gift that they never intend to wear. And when those clothes get donated, you get the savings.  

Most Americans only wear 20 percent of the clothes in their closet. You could set up a clothing exchange and invite some friends to participate. You can look for designer consignment boutiques that offer name brands exclusively. The prices will be more expensive at these boutiques than at a second-hand store, but they will still be a fraction of the cost of buying the clothes off the rack.

Focus Your Shopping

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Another way to save money on fashion is to focus your shopping. Retail stores are designed to encourage you to buy more. From the way displays are set up, to commission hungry associates on the floor, it is no coincidence that you often walk away spending more money or buying more items than you intended to.

Try to take inventory of what you really want, or what you really need. If something catches your eye, make a note of it, and come back to it in a week. If you still need it or want it, then purchase that item. Shopping online can be a great way to focus your spending. There are no surprises at the register as you can clearly see the total adding up. You can look for special savings, like a Dolls Kill promo code to help you save even more online.

Loyalty Discounts and Sales

The great thing about being loyal to a brand is that you often get rewarded for it. Many brands offer loyalty discounts or perks. While you may not always get monetary savings you will get other perks like free shipping or free returns.

Lots of online retailers will offer discounts if you sign up for their email marketing campaigns. Be aware that the goal of these emails is to get you to buy more, and buy more often. So while there are savings to be gained buy receiving an exclusive email with a Dolls Kill promo code, you will have to know your own will-power. If the emails simply entice you to spend, they will soon defeat the purpose and you won’t be saving any money.

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